• After school careAfter school care
  • Positive influencePositive influence
  • Safe and secureSafe and secure
  • All day care on some pupil free daysAll day care on some pupil free days
  • A high quality centreA high quality centre
  • An enjoyable and purposeful environmentAn enjoyable and purposeful environment
Star Club Feedback
"The staff take a genuine interest in the children's care and well-being which, as a working parent, is invaluable."
"Communication between students, parents and staff is excellent. The student's needs are well catered for."
School Principal
"My son is always happy when he comes home from Star Club."

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Welcome to Star Club School Aged Care

Before, After & Vacation Care

Star Club is a quality after-school care service which operates within the grounds of the following schools in the South-Eastern Sydney region:

  • Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary School - Maroubra
  • St Agnes Primary School - Matraville
  • St Andrew's Primary School - Malabar
  • St Bernard's Primary School - Botany
  • St Mary St Joseph Primary School - Maroubra
  • St Thomas More Primary School - Brighton-Le-Sands

Star Club values the positive influence which peer and adult role models have on our children. Educators play an active role in facilitating children's learning and recreational experiences. Children are encouraged to develop confident self-identities and positive interactions amongst peers.

Star Club aims to create a welcoming space for the children where they can feel a sense of belonging. Play, sport and relaxation are set within a social context and are valued as a means for children to explore, imagine, create and achieve.

Key Features of Star Club

  • Positive peer interactions
  • Partnerships with families
  • Safe environment
  • Community connections
  • Children's interests
  • Confident self-identities
  • Enjoyable & purposeful experiences
  • Welcoming & inclusive environment
  • Respect for peers & the world around us

Star Club Philosophy

Star Club has been established to work in partnership with children, families, the school and the extended community to enrich children's wellbeing in our school-age care settings.

Star Club supports the UN Convention of the Rights of a Child, which states that children have the "right to relax, play and join a variety of cultural, artistic and recreational activities."

Star Club educators commit to collaborating with children to provide meaningful play and leisure activities.

Star Club values the importance of physical well-being, positive social interactions and creative expression. This will be reflected through a rich program, based on children's interests and choice.

Star Club members are encouraged to maintain respect for our peers through pro-social behaviours and an understanding of diversity. We aim to be socially responsible towards our environment and the greater community, which includes the school and Church.

Star Club aims to create an enjoyable, purposeful and stimulating environment where children feel safe, secure and supported.